Group vacation in the self-catering hut in Austria

Experience Austria together

Posted on October 19th, 2019 by Holiday Austria

Group vacation at the self-catering hut

Get up in the morning with friends or big family and greet the sunny day in the mountains with a self-prepared breakfast, then go on great activities together such as hiking, swimming, skiing or scavenger hunts and meet again in the holiday home to cook in the evening to start the day on Letting the campfire fade away - that is the real luxury of a group holiday.

When we, Robert and Ingrid, decided to rent large holiday homes and mountain huts in Austria in 2003, we wanted to give clubs, friends, youth groups and large families the opportunity to get to know Austria together as a group. We like to travel with our friends ourselves and know how difficult it is sometimes to find a nice holiday home for 10, 20 or 30 people.

It is important to us that you do not have to split up into different houses to sleep in the evening, but that you can end the day together, in peace and stress-free, for example with a good glass of wine or hot cocoa. So the idea of renting cozy huts in the typical Austrian style was born and we are happy about every group of visitors - regardless of whether you are a sports club that wants to enjoy the summer together on the alpine pasture, or whether you have just graduated from school wants to be celebrated appropriately.

Perhaps you are a big family who finally wants to spend some real time together and is looking for a cozy place in the mountains with a panoramic view, a cuddle guarantee and still enough space for everyone? Incidentally, here with us you will also get great and individual tips for the region and contact us as your landlord - without an intermediary agency and impersonal booking portal.

What makes a group holiday in the mountains so special? The time together!

In everyday life there is often little space for the things that we all love so much: cooking and eating together, fun games, good and long conversations or just lying in the sun and relaxing. Happiness is so close: spending a week of vacation together with people you love and with whom you enjoy spending time can be as effective as it is wonderful. Even if you only come to us at the self-catering hut for a few days, you will leave with a whole bag full of memories that nobody can take away from you in everyday life. Everyone is welcome here, from sports clubs to bachelor parties to the whole company as a team-building event.

Holidays in a self-catering hut or in a hotel?

The common group vacation with self-sufficiency differs, of course, from the classic hotel stay. It's a bit more original here and everyone has to lend a hand. Because we love the Austrian way of life and the traditions of our region so much, we have made a conscious decision against the classic luxury offer, which is also growing here in the area. Because when traveling with friends, family or a club, it is also important to share everyday life - from breakfast in the morning to cooking and telling stories in the evening.

We would like to offer you all of this with the houses in the style of the typical "Gmiatlichkeit" of Austria. Depending on the size of the group, you can choose between the Berghof Tauerngold for up to 15 people in Bad Hofgastein / Angertal in the Gastein / Ski Amadé ski area, the Katharina alpine hut for up to 15 people, the alpine hut for groups in Pinzgau near the Kitzbühel Alps Almhof Grubhöhe with space for up to 20 people in Wagrain near the Ski Amadé ski area and the Landhaus Tauernblick for up to 30 guests near Radstadt near the Obertauern / Ski Amadé ski area.

With us, by the way, you always have the entire house to yourself. There is a fixed and commission-free room rate that you can split up individually among all of you. Everybody pays additional costs, heating costs and local tax, bed linen and towels (which you can bring your own). Thus, the price is always adjusted to the number of people.

You do not yet know which house is suitable for you and would like a personal consultation? Just give us a call, send us a WhatsApp message or send us an email with some information. Then you can tell us how many people you are, what you like to do and what is particularly important to you for the group trip - together we will find the perfect holiday home for you and your whole group. So that your holiday together becomes a wonderful experience that you will not soon forget.

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