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Tips for your vacation with your dog

Posted on March 2nd, 2020 by Holiday Austria

Holidays with your dog - a special experience

Urlaub mit Hund - Ingrid und Ihre Malteserhunde

Ingrid und Ihre Malteser: Sasha und Ariela

They greet us when we come home, are happy about loving words and cuddles and are simply important family members. We are of course talking about our four-legged favorites, our dogs. When the annual vacation planning begins, we don't even ask ourselves: where to go with the two of them? Because for us it is very clear: our sweethearts, the Maltese Sasha and Ariela, of course come with us on vacation. Because we want to enjoy the holiday season together with you. So that this works well for you too, we have a few great tips ready on how you can start your vacation in a relaxed manner with your furry friends.

And if you are still in the planning phase and do not yet know where to go next year, we have a little insider tip for you: Austria is a country of animal lovers.

Here you can take your four-legged friend with you almost anywhere, even in good restaurants and in the cable car. We even took our little Maltese with us to go skiing in the baby backpack.

Because, depending on the country, there are a few small rules that you should observe - but more on that later.

Find holiday homes that are suitable for dogs

The joy is great: you have agreed on a goal and are now looking for nice accommodation for the whole family, friends and dog. But did you also make sure that your holiday home or hotel is also suitable for animal companionship - even if the fur nose is allowed there? The best thing to do is go through the following checklists again before booking, which we are happy to use to make sure that Sasha and Ariela can relax safely and happily with us at their holiday destination.

Your chosen holiday home and the holiday location should meet the following characteristics

1. Find out if there are parasites or poisonous insects at the holiday destination that could pose a danger to your dog and if you are unsure, talk to your vet about it. He can, for example, recommend a highly effective insect spray or tick repellent that protects your dog from the annoying pests.

2. Do you want to go further away or even travel to another continent? Then make sure in good time that your dogs are allowed to enter the country due to the legal regulations.

In Austria, the following rules apply to dogs from abroad:

Your dog needs an EU pet passport and a microchip

The last rabies vaccination must be valid and at least 21 days old

Puppies up to 16 weeks of age need a pet passport, microchip and one

Declaration from the officially approved veterinarian that your little, fluffy

Family member was only kept at his place of birth until his vacation and is still accompanied by his dog mom.

By the way, you are allowed to take a maximum of five animals across the border within the EU. We can even confirm that more animals are not that unusual when traveling: We have already had a visit from 5 Golden Retrievers and their two owners. You will not believe what a beautiful, in the truest sense of the word, "golden" bustle that was in our holiday home!

3. Only you really know your dog and can judge whether he is coping with the prevailing climate at the holiday destination. As a rule, this is not a problem at all on short holidays with your dog, for example here in beautiful Austria, in Scandinavian countries or the Netherlands. But especially in summer, climatic conditions, such as those in southern France, Italy or Bulgaria, can become a problem for the animal. When we take our two Maltese with us on vacation, we always think carefully beforehand whether the vacation destination is really suitable for our two “minis”.

4. Ask yourself whether the type and length of the trip is reasonable for your four-legged friend. If you are traveling by car, plan a stopover on long journeys so that your dog can recover from the drive. If you are going to or through Austria, come and visit us. We and our dogs look forward to seeing you!

Hundefreundliche Unterkünfte in Österreich

A nice vacation with your dog, this is how you prepare for it

Do your dogs also notice when a trip is due? Our two are really excited then. And with good reason, because soon there will be long hikes in the Austrian mountains, social get-togethers in the hut with a wonderful panoramic view, long walks and plenty of time to cuddle and play with the dogs.

The closer the day of departure approaches, the more the tension rises, even with experienced dog owners. You won't believe how excited we were when we went on vacation with our first dog. You ask yourself a lot of questions: Have we thought of everything? What do we have to pack? Does the dog have to go to the vet again before the trip begins?

We already told you at the beginning of the text: if you want to come to us in beautiful Austria, you should follow a few small rules so that your dog can enter the country without any problems. Of course, this does not only apply to Austria. Every country has its own rules and regulations. These differ only from country to country but also from region to region. Therefore, when traveling abroad, always find out more about important regional conditions.

Hundeurlaub im Schnee in Österreich

Dog vacation: so that you don't forget anything when planning your luggage, we have put together a list of the most important items

1. As with humans, documents are essential when traveling with a dog. In other EU countries, the EU pet passport with the dog's vaccination status must be carried. Some countries also require a rabies antibody test. If there is a claim on the way, it is also good if you carry the dog's insurance documents with you.

2. Take wound spray and disinfectant, parasite prophylaxis, if necessary sunscreen, diarrhea preparations, tick tweezers / tweezers, and bandages for the animal in the first-aid kit. Depending on whether your dog likes to drive a car, a remedy for travel sickness is also recommended. Believe us - your car will thank you. If you do not have good internet access on site, you should look in advance for a phone number of the local veterinarian who can provide first aid in an emergency. If you visit one of our beautiful holiday homes with your dog, we will of course be happy to give you tips on which vets are suitable and can be found nearby.

3. Does your dog get a special food? Then you should get them in advance and take them with you. But also pay attention to import regulations in the holiday country.

4. Always take your own bowls with you, even if you visit a designated dog hotel. It simply tastes best from your own plate.

5. Pack what is also important to the dog at home. It is clear to us that Sasha and Ariela shouldn't do without their favorite toys, the cozy blanket with the familiar smell, their brushes / care products, even when they are on vacation. Also remember to put a name tag on the leash (if possible with internationally understandable contact details) so that you can be reached if your dog runs away at the holiday destination.

6. Dog waste bags always belong in luggage - because in most countries, such as here in Austria, there are fines for improperly disposed of leftovers.

Enjoy your days off with your dog in the holiday home - for example with us in Austria

Urlaub mit Hund im Ferienhaus in Österreich

We also love our four-legged friends and wouldn't want to spend a vacation without them - that's why it is important to us to offer our guests a nice and animal-friendly vacation with a dog.

No matter what time of year you want to vacation in Austria, whether with family or friends:

In our cozy and comfortable country house near Radstadt, penthouse in Zell am See, alpine hut near the Kitzbühel Alps, Almhof in Wagrain or Berghof in Bad Hofgastein, your fur nose is a welcome guest.

Discover the diverse activities that Austria has to offer, go on beautiful hikes, breathe the clear mountain air and treat yourself to a fresh beer or a good glass of wine at the hut.

In short: enjoy your vacation with your dog in our vacation homes. We look forward to you! By the way: we are at your side with advice and action for hiking tips that are also dog-friendly.

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